Was there life before the iGadgets?

I saw a news clip a couple of days ago about a family who chose to live like in the 1980’s – no mobile phone, no tablet, no computer, no social media. Since then, I have been thinking about if I would be able to live without all my beloved gadgets. Surely, hardly but surely! Would I participate in such an experience? Absolutely not!!!
I am – let’s say – middle aged and deep, deep down, buried under a lot of crap, there are memories of a youth without mobile phone, mp3-player or computer! And those, are all memories of a wonderful childhood without missing anything!
My assimilation into the world of electronic gadgets didn’t happen over night. It happened step by step. Although already the proud owner of a computer, I was really independent and used that thing only for work from time to time. Then I got my first iPhone – and the assimilation began. Soon I was on Facebook. Then I had to get an iPad (an absolute must have for passionate reader)! That was the moment I was hooked!
Every gadget user has their own preferences about the brand. For me it was from the beginning Apple – and I am still a believer and addict. My world got dark when Steve Jobs died, but Apple has proven that they can keep his ideas alive. And a visit in an Apple-Store is a day in heaven for me!
Have these gadgets changed my life? Absolutely! Do they make my life easier? That question is really difficult to answer. In parts they make my life so much easier. Whatever I am up to…it is all in one place: Want to hear music? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! Want to read a book? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! Want to see a movie? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! Want to write an email? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! Want to post something? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! Want to look something up on the internet? It’s on my iPad/iPhone! And so on, and so on!
But that also means, that all these library’s, connections, social networks and so on has to be maintained! So at the end of the day you don’t really gain free time! You just use your time much more efficiently (and entertained at the same time)!
I know, that there was life BEFORE the iGadgets. But – hopefully – never again a life WITHOUT them! And if Apple is ever in need of a passionate product tester: TAKE ME!!!

These boots are made for walking

These boots are made for walking….do you know this song? Have you ever tried…to walk? I do…every day! I am a member of the (seemingly) small group of those, who do not have a car! So I have to do my errands by feet. And I really enjoy it, especially when the weather is as nice as this fall!

But – and I am really sorry that there is a “but” – the wonderful experience is (almost) always diminished by the fact that there are no pedestrian crossings. Right now I am in North Carolina, a really beautiful state. When I arrived I was quite impressed: they have walkways! Not for long, because soon I had to learn that they all end a couple of feed away from crossings. Seriously? What were the ones who plan towns thinking? That we spread our wings and fly over the crossing?
I eventually found my tactic to cross busy roads, but I am always scared that one of the drivers who text or speak on the phone didn’t pay attention and run me over!
Nevertheless, try it and enjoy a brisk walk in this beautiful weather…just be careful and stay safe!


Everybody – at least everybody I know – pass resolutions from time to time, mainly during the holidays. I do that all the time…you know the ones like: to eat less, to smoke less and so on. I call them my 10 to 10 resolutions. I pass the resolution at 10 in the evening, shortly before I go to bed and get weak latest at 10 the next morning and pretend I never made the resolution.
Finally I made the decision to only pass resolutions where there is at least a small chance to succeed. Which means, I pass almost no resolutions at all. Good thing because you can’t get disappointed in yourself that way :-)!
But when I moved to the US I made one resolution: getting used to bugs! Seriously!! Where I come from we do not have bugs sooo huge! When I visited the US before I had an incident with a huge cockroach . I completely freaked out!
I am not afraid of alligators, snakes or bears! But I have a heart attack when I see one of these monstrous bugs that are common here. Since I moved here I had a couple of incidents with bugs, but fortunately – for me, not the bugs – I was never alone and got rescued heroically every time.
Today I had to face a bug on my own! I stepped barefoot on the monster – accidentally. I think (hope) it was already dead. My guess is it stuck underneath a shoe and fall off on the carpet. The rate of my heartbeat doubled instantly! It took me a while and I had to scrape together all my courage, but finally I did it! I grabbed a paper towel, picked up the beast and threw it in the trash! And not only that! I didn’t take the trash immediately outside. Usually I do that – you never know if these beasts come back to life and hunt you!
So I can proudly announce: I haven’t reached my goal yet….but I got a little bit closer! And – perhaps – next time I see a bug I will not freak out completely 🙂