Hi you! My name is KathyG. And as you can surely tell by my writing, I am not born in the US. But all my friends told me that my “accent” is cute, so I hope you forgive me tiny errors (and overlook the bigger ones).

My world is huge and beautiful. I would like to share my multiple interests, insights and opinions with you….so join me!!!

My main interests are:

handmade – I love to produce things with my hands…..if you like them (and buy them) all the better!!

Thoughts And Opinions – I love to write down if something happens in my life or an “important” thought crosses my mind…..if you are interested in them, all the better!!

Short Stories – Writing, writing, writing….especially crime stories….some real novels (they will appear in a book one day – hopefully) some shorter….they will appear here…..if you like them, all the better!!

Please give me your comments!!!!


One thought on “About

  1. Kathy I have been hopping around your website today and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all of your writing! And your English is better than most US southerners! Lol! And your accent IS adorable 😉

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